WABI SIDEBOARD   Milan Salone 2014  
In Japan, traditionally there has been a wooden box "Koori" in which important objects are being conserved. The Koori is made with a combination of wood and metal along with natural colors. The sideboard "WABI" takes inspiration of it designed as a modern reproduction, also because in Japan the beauty is contrary to the richness. "WABI – SABI" has the value against to luxurious and richness—the strong combination of simplicity and anciently. Every aspect of the sideboard WABI contains simplicity, functionality and non-decoratively that reveals the beauty of natural materials such as wood and metal.

Product name: "Wabi sideboard"
Designer: Setsu & Shinobu ITO
Manufacturer: Riva 1920
Material : Wood and metal
Dimensions:  table: (1)L.240 x W.57 x H.85 (cm)          
Design work year: 2014