RUNON   Exhibited Milan Salone 2012  

You can sit like on a couch, there 'is no limit, a soft continuous line. Using a surface created by Corian I have given a value that expresses softness and practicality of the form itself. The new colors of Corian are suitable for both soft and rigid shapes, as well as is the structure that the seat is load on. A outdoor chaise lounge with coffee table / pouf made ​​from a continues form without limit, achieved thanks to structural surface which is characteristic of Corian.

Product name: "RUNON"
Designer: Setsu & Shinobu ITO
Manufacturer: Tao Esterno
Material : Metal structure and Corian surface
Dimensions:   W.76 x L.170 x H.75 (cm)
Design work year: 2012