SAITA   The International Design Year Book 1998; Die Neue Samlung Permanent Collection  
A sobre form that resembles the petals of a cherry tree "in flower" (in Japanese "Saita"), this table uses iron and its intrisic properties as a the key element of the design. Inspired by the art of origami, the iron supports of the table are created by bending iron sheeting as if it was paper. To communicate a sense of warmth and tactile desire the iron surface has been treated to give a rusty finish. The design is also available as a coffee table and screens.

Product name: "SAITA"
Designer: Setsu & Shinobu ITO
Manufacturer: Front
Material : Steel
Dimensions:  P1: W.100 x L.70 x H.75 (cm)
                         P2: W.100 x L.70 x H.40 (cm)
Design work year: 1997