OOKI TABLE  Milan Salone 2014  
Ooki in Japanese means giant tree, and it can also be a person's name which means growing in all senses: physically, mentally and morally. In the same way the giant tree grows strongly with a long life. This table is made of KAURI wood, an antique and rare wood in the world. It felt down after be found under ground for almost 50.000 years. The base is made of welded iron with irregular surfaces reminding an image of an ancient Japanese folding screen "Byobu."

Product name: "OOKI TABLE"
Designer: Setsu & Shinobu ITO
Manufacturer: Riva 1920
Material : Kauri or Noce Olio wood top and Metal base
Dimensions:  cell: W.362 x L.140 x H.75(cm)                         
Design work year: 2014