NU   Exhibited Milan Salone 2006  
A series of sofas that combines together a "hard" and a "soft" interface, with rigid surfaces that define a neat separation between the object and the space and smooth surfaces that welcome people communicating protection and confort. The overall cubical and compact form is contrasted by the sinuous form of the seating parts. On these sofas can sit one or two people and are available in two types of materials, fabric and leather.

Product name: "NU"
Designer: Setsu & Shinobu ITO
Manufacturer: Felicerossi
Material : Fabric, Leather, Stainless steel
Dimensions:  1P: W.66 x D.70 x H.66 (cm)
                         2P: W.140 x D.70 x H.66 (cm)
Design work year: 2005