LIB(E)RO  Exhibited Milan Salone 2011  

Lib(e)ro was born around the idea of freedom. Freedom to compose, freedom to use and freedom of personalization. Lib(e)ro offers a new and creative solution for solving the problem of dismantling transportation containers, giving them a second life as outdoor living unit. Lib(e)ro is a system capable of creating microenvironments from a slice of container, a single moduleof identical measurement and production, but declined in several variations. The modules may be independent or combined to create stories for different moments.

Product name: "LIB(E)RO" Outdoor Living Unit
Designer: Setsu & Shinobu ITO
Manufacturer: ARTcontainer
Material : Container frame
W.1190 x L.210 x H.240 (cm)
Design work year: 2011