LE MIDI Armchair & Pouf  Milan Salone 2014  

LE MIDì in Japanese means heart; this armchair immediately gives us the feeling of ergonomic comfort and harmony when you look at it. As soon as you see the armchair, it gives us immediately the feeling of wanting to sit on it, and the idea of ​​relax and calm... thanks to the material which it is made of, the chair wraps whoever sits on it.

Product name: "LE MIDI"
Designer: Setsu & Shinobu ITO
Manufecture: Désirée
Dimensions:  Armchair: W.83 x D.77 x H.85 (cm)
                         Pouf: W.40 x D.40 x H.40 (cm)
Materials: Eco leather

Design work year: 2014