KAMY   Exhibited Milan Salone 2012  

The Japanese word Kami is a word that has a very mystical meaning, for example, Kami could mean God, High and Charter. Japan being a very old country, it is God's country, the important objects are decorated with origami paper, and hold it up as a God. Kami word in fact has a double meaning: light and ecology, such as origami and it is important as a treasure. Kami chair has a lightweight and environmentally friendly immage as folded paper and meanwhile is a luxury leather chair. Its light weight is not only shaped, but also cause it's a stacking chair and coating removable so you can choose your finish. Not only leather  but also eco-leather or other various tissues. The concept is to have ecology and luxury in one.

Product name: "KAMY"
Designer: Setsu & Shinobu ITO
Manufacturer: FAIM Italia
Material : Metal structure and leather removable all-leather upholstery
Dimensions:   W.53 x L.46 x H.82 (cm)
Design work year: 2012