DAN DAN  Milan Salone 2017  
A series of sofas and armchairs, which are characterized by rectangular layers of low metal structure that raises the floor sofa.
"Dan Dan" in Japanese has two different meanings: the first is "different layers", the second is "to rise slowly".
The seat and backrest are made of ecological sock padding, the particularity is its linear and assimilated shape, where on the right side there is an armrest with a cushion in the upper part and a rectangular rigid flat, support of any small object (eg cup, smartphone, etc.).
As interior furnishings, it is easy to create by creating different rectangular planes, ideal for reception areas, lounge areas, but also for private interiors.

Product name: "DAN DAN"
Designer: Setsu & Shinobu ITO
Manufacturer: Staygreen
Material : Cardboard, ecoleather and metal structure
Dimensions: Sofa.1 W.220 x D.95 x H.78 (cm)    Sofa.2 W.160 x D.95 x H.78     Armchair W.80 x D.95 x H.78                      
Design work year: 2017