ARROW  Exhibited Triennale Design Museum 2007  
ARROW is an armchair with a pouf design to transmit the greatest tactile sensation. This is a result of the research work carried out by Settecento Ceramica for the purpose of achieving an outstanding sensorial effect. This seat has a lively shape, a rhythm reminiscent of the shape of an Arrow itself, created to make good use of the visible and touchable characteristics of ceramic tiles.
Arrow conveys wealth and pleasantness thanks to the use of these ceramic tiles that look likes the crocodile skin, thought to be used outdoor or in beauty effect that only this ceramic can create. It is a seat that would be impossible to create using real skin but at the same time it can transmit the same quality and the same please to the person who uses this armchair

Product name: "ARROW"
Designer: Setsu & Shinobu ITO
Manufacture: SETTECENTO ceramica d'arte
Dimension: W.2150 x D.1000 x H.760 (mm)
Design work year: 2007